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Bureau of Naval Personnel Manual, 1942 and 1945 

Department of the Navy - Naval Historical Center, 901 M Street Se, Washington Navy Yard, Washington DC 20374-5060


What can you stamp on the dog tags?

R.- You can have anything you want stamped on the dog tags. It's up to you. You can have your tags stamped just like the military with last name, first name, social security number, blood type, and religion.  However, you can personalize the text to include your birth date, zodiacal sign, surname, address, phone number, etc. Check our examples page for getting ideas.

How many lines can I have for dog tag?

R.- Each tag have a capacity of five lines of fifteen (15) characters per line. The three central lines can include 16 characters.

Can I put my two last names? - Can I put my two names?

R.- If they go in the fifteen characters, yes: and leaving a blank space between both of them. If the second one doesn't go in you can always include the initial letter.

Do both tags have to carry the same information?

R.-In the army is mandatory that both tags possess the same information, since they are used to identify the soldiers when in the field, however to civilians uses, this is not necessary, you can order different data in each tag.

I am not sure about my BLOODTYPE but I want to include it, how do I do?

R.-We strongly encourage not to put the BLOODTYPE unless you are certain about it. To stamp a wrong BLOODTYPE in a dog tag implies the risk of receiving a mistaken blood transfusion with the fatal consequences that implies. You can get rid of doubts by taking a blood test and requesting the information about the TYPE.

I know my RH factor but not the ABO system, can I just put the factor?

R.-The information of the BLOODTYPE includes the ABO system: AB, A, B y O, and the  RH factor, which can be POSITIVE or NEGATIVE. If you only put the RH factor, the information about the BLOODTYPE would be incomplete, which is equally risky. It is preferable to verify the complete information and once verified to include it, if not, it is better not to include it.

Can I abbreviate my BLOODTYPE in this way: O RH+?

R.-Yes, or you can abbreviate it writing O RH POS or to write the full word: O RH POSITIVE.


Why to use two dog tags?  - What is for the two dog tags?

R.-Two dog tags are issued to each soldier in war times. In the unfortunate case that a soldier is killed in combat, one tag would stay with the body and the other tag would go with a scout and eventually to the next of kin.

What are the silencers?

R.-The silencers are the rubber edge guards that are placed around each dog tag in order to keep them silent during combat.

Are silencers removable?

R.-Yes, just take the tags off the chains and pull the silencers off. No special tools are needed.

What color of silencers does the military use?

R.-The military uses black silencers. Most people prefer black silencers as well. However, you can have different color silencers. We have black, blue, green, yellow, red, orange, pink, clear and ACU silencers.

Are the circular rubber silencers for circular tags?

R.-They are the same used for the dog tags. Fortunately rubber is very flexible. Though it looks like a circle will not fit into a rectangular shape it does. It fits great. Try it out.

Do you have circular tags too?

R.-Not, at the moment we only have available the rectangular, military styled, dog tags.

The World War II dog tags (WWII) have a notched edge, what is that for?

R.-There is plenty of theories about that notched edge. Some people think that its function was to fix the tag in the debossing machines of the epoch, another ones think that the reason was to fix the dog tag at the mouth of the deceased soldiers between the front teeth for a better identification. Until now there is not a complete satisfactory explanation. 


Do these dog tags get black  after a time? - Does the chain get black?  

R.-No, the dog tags are, alike the chains, made of stainless steel. They can get into the sea water and won't damage.

Does the chain tarnish the skin?

R.-No, the chain is made of stainless steel, resistant to the sweat.


Are these tags painted? - Is the chain painted?    

R.-Yes, the tags as well as the chains are made of stainless steel with a layer of black paint.

Will black tags chip?.

R.-Black tags are traditional stainless steel dog tags painted with a very high quality paint. The paint is applied in such a way that it will stay on during normal use. Occasionally, the black paint will chip. Chipping can even occur during the stamping process. However if you are very careful, avoiding to get the tags wet, specially with salt water, the paint will last very long.  

Why do the special forces have to wear black tags?

R.-The Special Forces Groups: army rangers, navy seals, Delta Force, etc. generally perform night operations. They are specially trained for high risk tasks which generally are performed at night. As a consequence all of their equipment must be blacken, including the tags, so they can be better camouflaged.  


Does the machine have different kind of  letters?

R.- Not, there is only one kind of letter and all of them are capital.

Can I write some words in capital letters and other ones in small letters?

R.-Not, the machine can only write in capital letters.

Are the characters embossed or indented?

R.-The characters are indented with the same machine used by the US army. Indent means the letters are pressed downward and could hold water. The indent is permanent.